A Game of Poems

Hello, what is this?
This is a website dedicated to making Markov poems.
What is a Markov poem?
A Markov poem, as i call it, is a poem created by playing the game below, one step of which involves generating text via a Markov process.
Interesting. How do i play?
Follow these steps.
* * *
  1. Pick one to three source texts and paste them into the boxes below.
  2. Mix the source texts to produce a new text with the selected number of words.
  3. Write a poem satisfying Rule M: Every word of your poem must come from the mix, except that you may use stop words or change the endings of mix words. As an example of the latter exception, if the word 'running' is in the mix, then you may use 'run' or 'ran' in your poem.
  4. Check whether your poem satisfies Rule M.
* * *
How did it go?
I enjoyed that.
Glad to hear it.
Where did this game come from?
It was inspired by a computer programming exercise i did a few years ago, Think Python Exercise 13.8. Based on that exercise, i tried to make my computer write poetry. After several attempts and feeble results, i realized that it would be much more satisfying all around to make instead a game for humans to write poetry. Thus was born Markov, A Game of Poems. Incidentally, i later learned through reading this American Scientist article that Andrey Markov invented his eponymous process through analyzing poetry, of all things.